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Leon Car Rental

Leon Car Rental

Leon is a beautiful city situated in the northern Spain region of Castile and lying on the banks of river Bernesga. The entire city is surrounded by mountains giving it one of the most spectacular views and scenery in the entire country. If you have rented a car, you can experience the beauty of this place in its purest form. Leon is usually marked by long winters even as the summer is short in duration.


What makes Leon a wonderful and colorful city is the numerous festivals it hosts and the beautiful monuments spread all over the region. The tourists with car hire can enjoy these festivities with ease. Some of the most famous festivals held in Leon happen to be the San Juan & San Pedro festivities. Usually held in the month of June and July, these festivals see a lot of music concerts and festivals taking place throughout the city. During the time of these festivals, you will see almost the entire city on streets enjoying and dancing to the tunes, even as the terraces are almost always occupied. These festivals are held to welcome the summers and people show their appreciation by holding fireworks and bonfires.


The tourists who wish to experience the fun of these festivities as done by the locals can do so by hiring a car. Your car will take you to inner parts of the city. Best Spain Car Rental is a pioneer company offering these services.Aside from the festivals hosted, Leon also has a host of other monuments to offer. Some of the most famous ones happen to be the cathedral Basilica of San Isidoro that withholds the tombs of the kings of Leon, Casa de Botines showcasing neo-gothic architecture, Palacio de los Guzmanes that has works of Gil de Hontañón in the form of a patio in the plateresque style, Plaza del Grano and so on. For those with music in their soul, visiting Barrio Húmedo will be the best option.This area is renowned for musicians, drinking and dancing. The tourists with a car on rent can enjoy themselves without worrying about other factors. Apart from the monuments mentioned above, those looking for a dose of the remains of the medieval and roman architecture, visiting the old city will be extremely satisfying.


Now even as you enjoy these several monuments and beautiful scenery around you, the worry of commuting may result in you missing out on a thing or two. In order to enjoy the city to the fullest, it is hence suggested that you employ the services of a car rental in Leon, Spain. Best Spain Car Rental and its services can provide you with ample guidance and cheap deals. For those wishing to pre-book the car rental service, visiting the site www.bestspaincarrental.com will do the trick. Tourists can get best deals and services from this site. So simply book the car and enjoy Leon with no worries of conveyance. You can simply go anywhere you wish and explore Leon to fullest.

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