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San Sebastian Airport Car Rental

San Sebastian Airport Car Rental

Located in the beautiful Basque countryside of Spain, the San Sebastian airport brings travelers from all over Europe mostly to Barcelona and Madrid, where the runway is located on the Spanish/French border.


Many delights await the excited travelers who find themselves on their way to such a gorgeous location and Spain; ah, it is one of the most delightful spots of Mediterranean nature. You can always decide on where you want to go, and contact Best Spain Car Rental, for an excursion round the area, or to specific locations as well, if you so like. They are a friendly, informative service, can take you where you want to go; the area is gorgeous, and simply must be seen.


Now, the city of San Sebastian itself had its walls torn down in 1863. You can still see the site of the ruins, where there is a small memorial to it. The city expands in an orthogonal layout, which gives it a real flair. Walking about, however, can be a bit tiresome, so naturally it is best to think about where you would care to be driven, for a day’s jaunt, then evening back to your hotel room. Of course, Best Spain Car Rental will be there for your every road trip, and will be happy to point out specific places they have come to recommend to the discerning holiday traveler.

Parta Vieja (Old Part) is at the very center of the city, and Antiguo lies to the west. An old monastery lies in between the two, right about where the old wall was knocked down in 1863. It should be said that part of the wall still remains, and many holiday travelers find delight in taking photographs by the old, remaining wall; a memory of days now past that stands as silent sentinel to the area, ever watching those who traverse through the area, and end up passing through again, since it is so lovely an area, with many artistic galleries, restaurants, and other delights. There are so many other things to check out, too, such as Igelda, where the wind combs are, at the base of the Igelda Mountains. Or Zubieta, the “place of bridges”. Truly one of the most quaint, old-world towns you will ever lay your eyes upon. And remember; Spain Car Rentals can take you to any of these and other wonderful locations, even right after you touch down in your airplane at San Sebastian.

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